Our staff is familiar with the different stages of tooth development from children to seniors, and administer the necessary treatments for optimal oral health. General dentistry procedures are offered to Decatur, Huntsville, and Madison, Alabama patients to prevent oral health problems, and keep the teeth beautiful and healthy.

At our dental practice, we have created a warm, welcoming environment, so patients of all ages feel calm and comfortable while they are here. Plus, our team of friendly, helpful professionals treats each patient like part of the family. To learn more about general dentistry, contact our Decatur, Huntsville, or Madison dental practice today.

What to Expect

Many individuals believe that simply brushing and flossing are enough to maintain a healthy smile. However, regular checkups at the dentist every six months are also imperative to one's oral health. Routine appointments go as follows:

  • Consultation - Your first office visit begins with a consultation with the dentist. He will ask you questions about any concerns you have and spend time getting to know you better. Our goal is to gain a complete understanding of your needs, so we can provide the best dental care for you. Our doctors will also document your medical history, including any allergies or existing conditions.
  • Checkup - The dentist performs a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Using special dental instruments, he will check for signs of decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Even if you are not experiencing any pain or do not think anything is wrong, the dentist can detect problems at their earliest stage. When dental issues are left untreated, they inevitably worsen, therefore the goal is to catch and treat them right away.
  • X-Rays and Digital Images - Dental x-rays are a sometimes controversial issue.  We believe a full mouth series of x-rays should be taken every 3 years and bitewing x-rays should be taken annually.  We use digital x-rays so the radiation dose is 95% less than traditional x-rays.  They are safe and necessary.  If you have concerns please ask our doctors for more information.  Full-mouth X-rays can detect deeper issues that may be occurring on the teeth, gums, and bone structure. X-rays ensure that any problems that the dentist didn't see upon first inspection are caught and treated right away. The dentist will also take digital images of the patient's mouth to help with diagnosis. All records are stored digitally for optimal efficiency.
  • Preventive treatments - Our dentists may recommend preventive treatments for you or your family members. Fluoride, which is a healthy mineral found in certain foods and water, helps keep the teeth strong and prevents decay. We can also administer fluoride in the form of a gel, which coats the teeth. Another option is dental sealants, which are often recommended for young children. A plastic material covers the molars, and "seals" the tiny cracks and grooves that are most susceptible to decay.
  • Professional cleaning - Our dentist or dental hygienist will give you a thorough teeth cleaning. Using specialized dental equipment, we can remove harmful plaque and tarter much more effectively than an at-home brushing. We will also remove any bacteria along the gum line. We will floss the teeth and then finish the cleaning with a polishing, so the teeth look radiant and healthy.

General Dentistry Treatments

If any problems are identified during a routine checkup, our dentists will recommend and carry out the necessary treatments, which may include:

  • Dental filling is necessary for patients with cavities. Any decay is first removed, and then the tooth-colored material is placed to fill the cavity.
  • Root canal therapy is administered if decay or cracks reach the inner chambers of the tooth. The procedure involves drilling to the center of the tooth to remove the pulp and nerve tissue, and then filling the cavity with dental material.
  • Mouth guards are created for patients who play contact sports in order to protect the teeth from injury.  There are several models available including Performance Enhancing Mouthguards.
  • Dental crowns restore strength to badly damaged or decayed teeth. The crown or "cap" mimics the look and feel of the natural tooth and is placed snugly over a tooth once any decay is removed. A dental crown may need to be placed after root canal therapy.
  • Periodontal treatment is required for patients diagnosed with gum disease. We can clean below the gum line using an advanced system called the PRO-SELECT PLATINUM.  This system is more comfortable and effective than traditional hand scaling.
  • TMJ can cause a number of debilitating symptoms. Our dentists are well-versed on neuromuscular dentistry to realign the jaw, and alleviate tension and symptoms.

Learn More about General Dentistry

Our dentists and entire team are dedicated to providing a unique experience for our patients. We want to make sure patients feel good about coming to our offices, so they continue to return and receive leading dental care. To learn more about general dentistry, contact our Decatur, Huntsville, or Madison dental practice.